Mobile 2000 Watt Solar Inverter Cabinet


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Charge input voltage

AC 220V±10%, 110V±10%, or 380V±10%

Charge current through the incoming wire of commercial power

About 10A in general, Charge automatically by the way of constant voltage and limit current, Customize the larger current

Inverter output voltage

No output if the sequence of three phase input is wrong, work normally after exchanging any two phase wires

Output frequency

AC 220V±5%, or 110V±5%, 380V±5%

Output waveform

50HZ±1%, or 60HZ±1%, auto stable frequency

Switch type

Automatically switch, 50ms-3s (zero switch on-line type inverter)

Efficiency of the inverter


Load power factor


Output short circuit protection


Output overload protection

120%≥1min, 150%≥10s

Input DC over voltage protection

≤85% rated voltage value

Input DC under voltage protection

Discharge time T(H)=battery voltage(V)×battery capacity×0.75/loads power(W)

Battery discharge time

Solar panel voltage match with battery voltage

Solar panel charge current

Interior PWM charge controller, constant voltage and limit current charge, current is based on solar panel power

Temperature rise

The temperature of transformer rise ≤ 167°F

Insulation resistance


Dielectric strength

1500V, 1 min NO breakdown

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