Atmospheric water generators (AWG) produce water from the humidity of ambient air.  Water vapor is condensed by cooling surrounding air below its dew point, producing  liquid water for human consumption, irrigation, or non-potable needs.

Gaia is an early-adopter of AWG and has the expertise to help you understand the different system types, end uses, and energy requirements.


Atmospheric water generators use the air we breathe to create safe, potable water.  Water vapor in the air does not carry harmful heavy metals, and unwanted chemical and biological compounds are easily removed with a combination of filters, reverse osmosis, ultra-violet light, and/or ozone treatment.

Atmospheric water generation has been approved by the World Heath Organization and the Council of Europe, and will soon be approved by NSF.

Gaia is currently leveraging its relationships with multiple AWG manufacturers to bring Red List-free units to market.


The technology to create water from air is infinitely scalable, with devices currently on the market capable of producing anywhere from 5 to 3,000 gallons per day.

Based on the desired application, units can filter the water for human consumption, or use the newly condensed water for irrigation or process needs without further purification.

Water can made alkaline, carbonated, or have minerals for taste and health added within the machines for added convenience.


Despite the required inputs to produce atmospheric water, AWG remains more cost effective than ordering water from retail delivery services.

Energy consumption per gallon varies by product and intended end use, with per gallon cost ranging from $0.01 to $0.30.  When these machines are equipped to run on solar power or other alternative energy sources, price per gallon falls to near $0.

Simple maintenance (such as filter replacement) is all that is required to keep your AWG working for you.

For purchase or lease inquires of atmospheric water generators, call us at 310-591-8172.

EcoloBlue TM 10000
EcoloBlue TM 10000: up to 2,650 gallons per day.
EcoloBlue TM 5000
EcoloBlue TM 5000: up to 1,320 gallons per day.
EcoloBlue TM 3000
EcoloBlue TM 3000: up to 800 gallons per day.
EcoloBlue TM 1000
EcoloBlue TM 1000: up to 265 gallons per day.
EcoloBlue TM 600
EcoloBlue TM 600: up to 160 gallons per day.
EcoloBlue TM 300
EcoloBlue TM 300: up to 80 gallons per day.
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EcoloBlue EB 30
EcoloBlue EB 30: up to 8 gallons per day.
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